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Side Hustle - Slate - Knife Roll

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These are our second-edition knife rolls for those who are on the go and need portability. Our team implemented the same design as our Main Squeeze knife rolls into a move travel-friendly version for chefs. We designed this roll with five big pockets for your large knives, five smaller pockets for your small knives, pens, and other utensils, and an upper pocket designed specifically for your peeler. 

Here we have our slate-colored knife roll. This knife roll is complemented by black straps. We love this color! It's gritty and down to earth, while keeping an upscale vibe. This knife roll is perfect if you are looking to add some understated charm to your culinary collection.

These knife rolls have an outer shell of tex-wax canvas to ensure lasting quality. The roll is made from 100% cotton outside and a 50-50 Kevlar/Nomex blend interior for durability and protection. This fabric blend is water repellant and flame resistant and is very tough to cut. There is a large protective cover for the full interior of the roll, in addition to an individual Kevlar/Nomex flap and slot for each knife. Our knife rolls feature 2 magnetic slide closures for a secure hold, to keep your knives safe. This knife roll is smaller than the Main Squeeze but does have 2 pockets for knives and 6 pockets for other kitchen tools. This knife roll also comes with a pocket for your peeler. 

Our goal was to create a stunning design that is durable and reliable while remaining affordable so that more people can enjoy these products.


Our knife rolls are made with the best materials, handcrafted to the utmost quality, and made locally in Minnesota. However, with any knife product, we can not guarantee that the fabric will not cut. Knives are extremely sharp, and while our testing has determined no issues, we cannot promise that the Kevlar/Nomex blend will not be pierced by the sharp knives you place inside. 

Please note that these products are on pre-order and are subject to be unique. You may receive a knife roll with slightly different trim and coloring than is pictured above. We are constantly innovating our design to be the best for our Craftmade Community.