Our Beginnings

We started from very simple roots — a mom creating an apron for her chef son. Knowing she could sew, Kate Meier’s sons came to her asking if she could make them a custom, unique, and durable apron, since the ones he had been buying were expensive, uncomfortable, and had less than ideal pockets — catching crumbs and more.

After her first attempt, she started working with her two other chef sons to tweak different aspects, resulting in an apron that fit all the needs of the kitchen staff, from line cooks, to executive chefs, to bartenders, and other FoH staff. She had created an apron that looked stylish, felt comfortable, stood up to the challenge of being used on the line without breaking or collecting food in the pockets, and was more functional that existing offerings.

Now, her Craftmade family has grown throughout Minnesota, the United States, and even internationally.

Our Purpose

We aim to be affordable. As a mother with three sons who work in the restaurant industry, Kate understands keeping the price at a point where all kitchen workers — line cooks and executive chefs alike — can afford a craft made, durable apron.

We aim to have the best quality. We test all of our apron fabric for durability, comfort, and cleaning. We want all of our aprons to look as good as possible for as long as possible, so we choose fabrics that will stand up to almost anything.

We aim to create things that are unique. Although there is a place for a simple apron, we think that your apron should look just as good as the food you are plating. We want you to be able to express who you are through both your apron and your food.

Our Name

The BA in our logo stands for more than it appears. Kate Meier's maiden name is Boerboon (pronounced like bourbon), and she wanted to pay homage to her family name. Specifically, her grandpa, Frank Boerboon, who was a butcher. So, the BA stands for Boerboon Aprons. However, if you would rather think of it as standing for "Bada*s," you are welcome to do that, too.