Galvanized Chef

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We are starting a unique process for Craftmade Aprons, where we are utilizing our remnant fabrics and turning them into some of our favorite pieces! This apron design will be the launch of this new low waste process. We want to capture the usage of as much of our fabric as we can, making as little waste as possible! This fabric is top shelf  and one of our best selling and most requested! 
We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer Galvanized Chef for the launch! 
This gunmetal denim is 100% cotton. It’s incredibly durable and mid weight.  It has one upper slotted pen pocket, brown strapping, black hardware and is topped off with a leather BA logo tag! This is the first edition to come with a leather BA logo tag, so we find it to be pretty monumental!
 We are also utilizing our leather scrap to create our logo tags for this unique project!