Our Community is Everything.

At the root of Craftmade Aprons is not the desire to be the biggest apron brand in the world. We do not care about making a profit or generating sales. We were created out of a need for quality products. We began our business to help those in the service industry be comfortable, safe, and happy while pursuing their passions. Our team genuinely cares for every single individual who purchases a Craftmade apron. We want to support you in times of success, assist you in times of struggle, and always listen to your stories and experiences.

The service industry is unique from any other profession. We all understand the hard work and dedication it takes to succeed in such a competitive, difficult career. We value and appreciate the passion and drive our professionals hold, and we truly love each and every one of you. At the end of the day, we are here to serve you and help you. That is why we were created, and that is why we value each of you so much.

"The brand is not me, nor is it our team of employees. Our brand is the amazing and hard-working individuals who have supported us from day one. It is them who we do all of this for. When we produce a product, we have them in mind. It's how we started, and it's how we will stay.

Kate Boerboon Meier

15 SEP 2017, 14:42

Our Community Film Initiative

We love our Craftmade community members, and one of our favorite parts about this job is getting to hear the stories of our culinary friends. We desperately wanted to create a platform for our local chefs and industry communities to express and talk about their stories. That is why we have filmed so many of their inspiring stories to share with the rest of our community. Our hope is that we can create a family that truly cares for one another.

These are some of our biggest supporters!

These people have been supportive through and through and we appreciate every one of them! Some are wearing our staple designs and some have custom apron styles; the bios below will tell you a bit about the apron and the person in the picture!

Make sure to visit them, not only to see the aprons, but of course to taste their work! Click the button below any picture to see more about that person and/or their venue!

Tim McKee

Tim is Chef/Owner at Octo Fishbar in Lowertown Saint Paul, MN. He is wearing a custom design apron, and is one of our earliest supporters!

Thomas Boemer & Nick Rancone

Chef/Owner Thomas and Owner Nick have opened their latest creation, In Bloom. Accompanying it is Revival Smoked Meats, adding to their portfolio of Corner Table and Revival. Thomas is wearing a full length leather apron, and Nick is wearing his new custom.

Ann Ahmed

Ann is Owner/Chef of Lemongrass and just opened Asian eatery Lat14. She is wearing her Lat14 restaurant custom apron.

Erik Sather

Owner/Butcher/Chef Erik has been a great supporter of Craftmade since the early days, providing a space in the Lowry Hill Meats shop to offer our aprons. Erik is wearing a custom, all black, cross-back apron.

Via Yang

Yia is the executive chef of Union Kitchen MN, a catering company that specializes in Hmong food. He is wearing a custom apron that has an angled pen pocket.

Lenny Ruso and Daniel Cataldo

Lenny, Director of Food and Beverage, and Chef de Cuisine Daniel, both of Nine Twenty Five Restaurant in Wayzata, MN, are wearing 2 custom design aprons. Accompanying them is Craftmade designer/owner Kate Meier. Their restaurant staff are all outfitted in Craftmade Aprons.

Thomas Boemer

Tom is Chef/Co-Owner of In Bloom, Corner Table, and Revival. He is wearing a custom design long apron.

Corey Meier

Corey is the chef de cuisine at CrEATe Catering and the Dining Studio located in Minneapolis. He is wearing a navy normal neck strap apron with tan leather accents and mustard-brown strapping.

Blake Meier

Kate's son Blake is Executive Chef at FIKA, the restaurant at ASI in MN.

Luke Meier

Luke is a cook at the Kenwood in Minneapolis. He is wearing a dark green cross back apron with brown leather accents and tan strapping

Haedal Kim

Headal is the author of Sweet Revenge: : Passive-Aggressive Desserts for Your Exes & Enemies, a Pastry Chef and especially in her case a dessert designer. You can sample such at Hola Arepa in South Minneapolis. Heather is also an accomplished tattoo artist.

Stephan Hess and Tyge Nelson

Over in Saint Paul at Pajarito you can find Hess and Nelson, both Executive Chef/co-owners, wearing their standout aprons.

Jackie Door

Jackie is Executive Pastry Chef at Salty Tart in Saint Paul, MN, and is wearing our Lady's Cut model.

Trystan Petrash

Trystan is Head Chef at the Sovereign Room in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Josh Brown

Chef Brown works for D'Amico Catering, and is sporting a fresh cross back apron and our new hat.

Philip Dorwart

Flip from CrEATe Catering donned a BA hat and landed this 51" Muskie. What hat will you be wearing the next time out?

Ben Miller

Ben of the Salty Tart in Saint Paul, MN, received this apron as a birthday gift. We love this B&W, taken by The Restaurant Project

Tod A Kujawa

Tod is an Executive Sous Chef at Smith and Porter. Tod is also sporting one of our BA Trucker hats.

Joe Jones

Joe works with Kate’s son, Blake, at Fika in the American Swedish Institute (ASI). Here he is pictured in a custom, full cheetah print apron amongst some potted trees inside ASI.

Chris K Her

Chris is Co-Founder of Union Kitchen. He chose a striped design that will be a future standard apron in our store.

Timothy Kovacs

Tim is Executive Chef at Herbies. He is wearing a near pocketless design, save for the angled pen/tool pocket near the top.

Executive Chef Mike Shaughnessy and Sous Glen Forman

Mike and Glen are wearing our early neck strap models, and they are wearing quite well! Join them at YOUNG joni.

Jack Raben

You'll find Chef Jack at the Fogg Cafe, Naples Botanical Garden, Florida

Lat 14 Bartenders

Ann Ahmed’s team includes these handsome bartenders wearing the Lat14 restaurant custom. Go tell them your secrets!

Magnus Nilsson

Head Chef Magnus turned Faviken from world-sourced to local sourced ingredients early this decade.

Justin Sutherland

Owner/Chef Justin spent 2018 banking prestige, having opened Pearl & the Thief, won Iron Chef, and Top Chef season 16 kicked off in December with Justin as a contestant.

Shane Oporto

Executive Chef Shane Oporto works under Tim McKee at the anchor restaurant Octo Fishbar in St. Paul’s Market House Collaborative

J.E. Urseth

J.E. is the executive chef at the "Border Battle" food truck and an an amateur pizzaiolo in his own back yard.

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