Many of our friends in hospitality did not feel right taking resources from those in the front lines of healthcare, we are putting our wonderful production team to the task of making face masks. While we make no claims whatsoever that these masks are the same as wearing an N-95 style PPE face mask, many people have the belief that something is better than nothing for a variety of reasons. Everyone is trying to navigate these difficult times, and it’s up to each of us to keep ourselves informed and make the best choices we can based upon the information we have. For those in our community who are out there cooking, serving, selling, and delivering food, we see you, and wish you health.

We look forward to a time when we can all gather around tables with friends and feel the joy that comes from being together in that way we were so accustomed to, and that we miss so much right now. Our goal is to offer quality products at affordable prices. Another important part of our mission is to support others. We do this first by paying our staff a living wage, no matter what.

On this page, we have two options available: donation or personal purchase. Within the personal purchase, we have 4 different color options and 2 sizes. With every donation based purchase, we will donate a mask to a front line worker (this includes retail employees, restaurant staff working to-go, anywhere still open and operating in need of masks). As we collect more donations, we will be able to donate to larger groups.

Next, we carry it forward through our Black & Blue Fund, and will continue to do so now. If you need something, or know someone facing hardship, who needs a mask or grocery money, please send us a note.

We’re in this together.

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