Inner City Ducks
Justin Sutherland
Craftmade Aprons

Who They Are

Many inner city schools lack funding to provide after school sports activities. Inner City Ducks strives to alleviate that by providing sport activities to kids who typically could not get it.

A Better Alternative

Without positive activities to occupy their time, children are more likely to pursue negative behaviors that lead to trouble.

Positive Results

The Inner City Ducks offers positive activities that give children an alternative, building character and providing life lessons.

How you can help.

Two Styles, One Cause.

Craftmade Aprons and Justin Sutherland collaborated to come up with a creative way for people to donate to this amazing cause. We believe aprons can be a great way for people to get involved in amazing causes that build up our community. When you purchase our "Modern Warfare" aprons, you are helping the lives of these kids drastically. There are two styles of apron and you can find more details on how to purchase on Justin Sutherland's website which we linked below. Head over there and show your support!