War Horse

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We are bringing a brand new style to our most durable, protective apron. 

Designed from 100% Kevlar base fabric, 50/50 Kevlar/Nomex trim, leather tabs, and 100% cotton webbing, this apron is exactly as the name implies: a War Horse. Crafted specifically for our industry members who often find themselves in rough conditions; we made sure this apron is flame resistant, water resistant, and sure to hold up for years to come. 

Please note that the aprons may not be exactly as pictured. Each apron is individually crafted using various variations of our highly durable Kevlar fabric. Since each piece of Kevlar possesses unique features, slight variations in color and texture can be expected in each apron.

All Craftmade Aprons are crossback style - but we understand that loopneck style might fit your needs better! To purchase this apron in loopneck style, please create a custom note at checkout, and write “LOOPNECK,” followed by the apron name. 

We recommend washing in cold water and hanging to dry or tumble drying on low.